Rinkle Trendz® Aluminium Cup Tart Mould – Big – Set of 10 Pieces


Tart Big – 10 Pieces Set – For making delicious Round Chrysanthemum shaped egg tart mold, Taper Tart Mould, Cupcake Tray Egg, Tart Pan Muffin Mould, Mini Tart Tins, cookies, fruits, pudding, chocolate mould, Basket Puri, Canopies Mould, Canopies Tart, Canopies Pan and so on. Make Whatever Your Baking Imagination Desires In This Mould By Meister. This simple, easy to use set allows you to precisely and professionally add that magic to party. Ideal for both beginners and experienced decorators. For baking in Microwave use only convetional mode. Washable and re-usable moulds. Hand wash in hot soapy water.Avoid abrasives or sharp utensils. For baking – Egg Tart, Muffin, Mini Tart, Cookies, Biscuits, Pudding, Chocolates, Basket Puri, Pie Tart Mould

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